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Writing For Publications - Erica Holthausen

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Business Ownership Podcast, we're joined by Erica Holthausen, an expert of the written word and the founder of Catchline Communications. Erica brings her wealth of experience to the table, demystifying the art of getting published in high-visibility publications like Inc., Entrepreneur, etc. She breaks down the barriers to publication, from pinpointing your expertise to understanding the unique voice of each platform. Learn the secrets of leveraging your written work for credibility and discover how to turn a single article into a multifaceted tool for business growth. Check it out!

Episode Notes

Want to get your articles published in magazines like Inc. and Entrepreneur? 

In this episode of The Business Ownership Podcast I interviewed Erica Holthausen. She is the founder of Catchline Communications. Erica started her career as a securities litigation attorney and spent several years as a consultant in the nonprofit and private sectors. For the last two decades, she has worked as a copywriter, grant writer, writing instructor, freelance writer, and editor for private companies and professional associations. Her work focuses on helping you build your reputation and become a recognized authority in your field by writing articles for industry trade journals, associations, and business magazines.

Learn how to write for publications. Check this out!

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