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Using Zoom Effectively - Robbie Samuels

Episode Summary

Want to learn how to create highly engaging Zoom events by using low-tech solutions? In this episode of the Business Ownership Podcast I interviewed Robbie Samuels. He has been recognized as a networking expert by NPR, PCMA, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Inc, and as an expert in virtual event design by JDC Events. As a virtual event design consultant and executive Zoom producer, he designs and produces transformative, inclusive, and engaging online experiences. He is the author of three books, including his latest, ​​"Break Out of Boredom: Low-Tech Solutions for Highly Engaging Zoom Events.” Since 2016, he has hosted the On the Schmooze podcast and, since March 2020, #NoMoreBadZoom Virtual Happy Hour. He is also a TEDx speaker and HBR contributor. Learn how to use Zoom effectively and make your online events highly engaging! Check this out!

Episode Notes

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