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Stay on Top of Your Finances - Lauren Colson

Episode Summary

This podcast episode is about finance and bookkeeping. Entrepreneurs want to make the best decisions, but numbers can be overwhelming and confusing. My guest Lauren spoke about cash flow, taxes, prices & much more! If you want to learn how to balance your revenue & expenses & achieve balance, check this out!

Episode Notes

Not sure how your cash flow looks like, should you invest or how much should you budget for taxes?

In this episode of The Business Ownership Podcast I interviewed Lauren Colson. Lauren is the CEO of Colson Strategies LLC. She helps business owners review their financials monthly and analyze trends, examine previous performance to help them make the best decisions for the future, anticipates cash flow shortages before they happen & more! If numbers are giving you a headache, Lauren knows how to help you so that you can get some rest & be confident about your finances. 

She shared some tips on how to create balance in your account & explained what may have caused the disbalance.

Learn how to stay on top of your finances. Check this out!


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