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Build a 7-Figure Business - Steve Feld 7-8 Figure Special Series

Episode Summary

Want to get positive growth result & build a 7-figure business? In this episode of the 7-8 Figure Special Series I interviewed Steve Feld. Biz Coach Steve Feld is a business marketing strategist, author, professional speaker, award-winning Business Management Executive, and coffee enthusiast. Has worked with over 600 businesses assisting them in obtaining clarity, implementing a solid strategic plan, and getting positive growth results. He focuses on the foundation of the business to get the best results. He is passionate about having businesses grow, operate efficiently, and thrive for long-term success. Steve has owned, operated, and build up 7 businesses. Providing change management and process improvement to 3 other companies. Has been part of 3 Fortune 500 companies, operating a division for them. Besides having U.S. experience, he has improved operations for businesses globally. Steve spoke about systems, processes and steps you need to take in order to be able to build a successful business without losing money. Learn how to build a 7-figure business. Check this out!

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